Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dana, Avery and Ryder

Having been a "Goldie mom" for close to 15 years, Goldens are, of course, very dear to my heart. I've recently had the opportunity to draw a portrait of "Dana", pictured directly below. Dana's mom, who lives in Massachusetts, commissioned me to create Dana's portrait. I loved the reference photo which showed Dana looking up intently, with bright, sparkly eyes. 

12 x 12, colored pencil

Reference photo of Dana

Another commissioned portrait was of a Golden Retriever named Avery...

and his doggy brother, Ryder, a Clumber Spaniel.


 Avery and Ryder's mom wanted a portrait of the two of them together...

Avery and Ryder
14 x 11, colored pencil on paper

and here's a detail of each of them from the large portrait...

detail of Ryder

detail of Avery
It's always a joy and privilege for me to create portraits for clients of their beloved pets, and to capture the unique personalities of each one.

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